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01.13.14 - 01.17.14 Culasi, Antique

MSMT has scheduled its next medical and surgical mission in Antique on January 13-17, 2014. This is MSMT’s second visit to Antique, the first was in January of 2000. The venues for the Antique mission will be in the towns of Culasi and Pandan. There will be an estimated 80-90 volunteers. There will be two surgical teams in this mission. Team A will be assigned at the Culasi District Hospital and Team B at the Pandan Community Hospital. The medical team’s activities in Culasi will be coordinated by Dr. Rebecca Aguirre, the hospital director, while Pandan’s medical activities will be coordinated by Dr. Cesar Candari wilh the help of  Dr. Fabila-Sanchez, the hospital director there. Our overall coordinator is Emmanuel Andres, contact # +639266262493, email aweandres@yahoo.com.

Since there are only a very limited number of lodging places, some volunteers may be assigned to stay in with local families.

Travel Plan and Schedule:

Arrival in Manila from the US -  Jan 11, 2014 ( on or before)

Leaving Manila for Kalibo - Jan 12 ( 6-9 AM)

(Choices of airlines to Kalibo - PAL, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Asian Air)

Leaving Kalibo for Culasi - 1:00 PM

Arriving Culasi - 2:30 – 3:00 PM

Screening of patients for surgery - 5:00 PM

Dates of mission - Jan 13-17

Local Places of Interests:

White water kayaking - Tibiao  30 min travel

Fish spa - Tibiao   20 min travel

Snorkeling, swimming - Malalison Island 15 min by boat

World class resort - Boracay 1hr 45 min travel, 15 min boat

Volunteers for  Antique, Philippines (Jan 13-17, 2014)

Far Eastern University Medical Alumni

Society of Southern California and

Medical Surgical Mission of Texas

Non Profit Organizations

FEUMASSC - TIN 237171686

MSMT- TIN 20-709782

Here are the official listing of volunteers for the 2014 Antique Mission.

Southern California Volunteers

2014 Antique Volunteers

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